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THE CHOW CHOW MAGAZINE       HI, we are proud and happy

NO 1, DECEMBER 2017          to present to you our 1st issue, our
                             aim is to help people to discover and
EDITORS                      promote this marvellous breed well
Robert Baurand, Hungary      known for its blue tongue.
Alexandra Bachiri, France    We thank all the people who were
                             kind enough to participate and
PUBLISHER AND DESIGNER       support us in this great adventure,
Ewa Larsson, United Kingdom  we hope this is the start of a long
                             adventure with the Chow Chow at
CONTACT                      focus.      We would like to take the opportunity
info@    and wish you all a Merry Christmas
                             and a Happy New Year…….


Shen Te Tama Beba Bliss      1st April 2018
and her daughter             Deadline 20.03.2018
Shen Te Tama La Mai.
Both bred and owned by       1st August 2018
Tanja Pantovic, Croatia      Deadline 20.07.2018

                             1st December 2018
                             Deadline 20.11.2018


                             Don’t miss out ….


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