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               It's a wonderful way to share our daily
               life with our companions, facebook is a
               very nice tool for this, it is important and
               very appreciable to share, it is also one
               of the pleasure of photography, shar-
               ing. The photography makes it possible
               to make discover our dogs, their life, it
               is difficult to explain the relation which
               united us to our dogs in breeding, all
               that we share with them, all the beautiful
               things that they bring us by what they
               are, all the love they give us, nobody
               can understand this unless we live it and
               photography do very well bring this all
               out , as we often say a photo is worth a
               thousand words.

               What type of cameras do you shoot
               with? Which is your favourite lens and
               I do not yet have professional equip-
               ment, I have a Canon 550 D reflex cam-
               era that is already well worn but despite
               a lot of mishaps with my dogs (I some-
               times forget it and it ends up rolled into
               mud by my models) it still works well and
               remains faithful to me. I hope to invest in
               the future in a 5D canon mark III or why
               not a Nikon, between the two my heart

               The lens I use most frequently is
               the Canon  EFS  55-250  mm,  to
               photograph dogs such a zoom is
               ideal, because to obtain success-
               ful and natural photos of dogs, it
               is necessary to be able to keep at           I watch my dogs all the
               a distance. It is also very good for      time and I would really like
               photographing moving dogs, al-              to have a camera instead
               though I do not have it yet I am
               convinced that the Canon 70-200,           of eyes to be always ready
               f 2.8 is the best lens for photo-          to capture all the beautiful
               graphing dogs and animals in gen-            moments they offer me
               eral. I recently bought a 50 mm f
               1.8 which is an extra lens for por-                    every day
               traits but only to photograph very
               calm dogs or very young puppies
               when they sleep a lot.

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