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               Where do you find inspiration?

               For me everything is inspiration, there
               is beauty everywhere in nature, in every
               thing, in every being, it is enough to know
               how to see it. At one time, I took drawing
               lessons, the artist who taught us told us
               all the time to observe the sky, the sky is
               full of nuance, it is a living picture. You
               can see many things, have you never
               looked at the sky as a child to discover
               shapes, animals or something else ... The
               inspiration is in the eyes of everyone, it is

               Do you consider it a challenging job?
               How do you get the animals to stay
               and "pose" for you?
               I do not consider photography as hard         I am not a professional photographer, so
               work because for me it is before all a        I do not have the side that a professional
               passion and we exercise it because we         can have including the customer relation-
               love it and when we love what we do it        ship that must surely bring some satisfac-
               is always easier. The first quality needed    tion. For me, the best part in photography
               to photograph dogs is PATIENCE, which         is when I open the photos on my comput-
               is what we need most. Some breeds are         er in large size where I discover whether
               easier and more obedient than others          or not I managed my shots and whether
               which makes the task easier, they pose        or not, the pictures are up to my expec-
               more easily and especially they stay in       tations and the quality is present
               place when asked. Personally, I do not
               work this way because I like spontaneous      I think that the biggest challenge in pho-
               photos, I then have to spend time with        tography is to succeed the photo, the
               my dogs so that they forget my presence       unusual photo, the little moment stolen,
               and let themselves go to their activities.    the moment when something improbable
               Most of the time the photos are taken         happens, the photos taken on the spot
               from a distance with a zoom, so that the      are the hardest to achieve but if they are
               dogs do not see me or do not try to get       successful, they are by far the most beau-
               too close to me. To make it easier for me     tiful. There is another challenge of size, it
               too, I try to place myself in a place below   is the photo editing, a well done photo
               that which allows me to watch them from       editing can make all the difference but it
               a distance and that they too would look       is not always easy to control it well, I see
               at me without being too close to me. In       a lot of photographer who are in excess ,
               addition to patience, you have to be very     photo editing really has an extraordinary
               fast because usually dogs do not hold the     power but it must be cleverly dosed and
               pose very long unless they sleep hahaha.      for my part just to sublimate the photo
                                                             and not to modify it, to above all bring out
               What is the best part of being a fine         all its qualities. Photo editing is a difficult
               art photographer? And the most                discipline to master and when you get
               challenging?                                  there, it's a real satisfaction.

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