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because the dogs are

                  overflowing with love
                  and know very well to
                  show it unlike humans,
                which makes the photos
                   being full of emotion

                                                                Which breed in your opinion is most
                                                                Personally, I do not think there is a race
                                                                more photogenic than another, but I think
                                                                that as for humans, a dog may be more
                                                                photogenic than another, some dogs are
                                                                easier and have always the right attitude
                                                                for the picture, as if they were posing
                                                                for me. I had the opportunity to photo-
                                                                graph Afghan greyhounds and American
                                                                Cockers on show and the movement of
                                                                their sublime fur when they move is really
                                                                great for photography. I must admit that
                  Describe a typical session for us. What       I have a special attraction for the Great
                  kinds of things are you thinking about        Dane Harlequin I find majestic and very
                  when you’re behind the camera?                elegant as are the horses, they are not
                                                                more photogenic breeds but I particularly
                  The most beautiful sessions for me are        like for photography. Just as for humans,
                  often the most natural ones I like very       it is not the beauty of the dog that counts
                  much those realized with adult dogs and       that it is always appreciable but more
                  puppies even if some adults are reluctant     what it releases, its natural charm, its way
                  at the beginning they always succumb to       of being ... For me photography is more
                  the insistence of the babies and it always    than a image it is an emotion and that is
                  leaves a lot of tenderness and emotion.       the case  for dogs too.
                  When I take the photos, I do not think of
                  anything it is a time of happiness and re-    Are there other dog photographers that
                  laxation, it is a way of emptying my head     inspire or influence you? If not, who or
                  and to forget the bad sides of the life, for   what does?
                  some it is sport that relaxes them for me it   As a canine photographer, I have a great
                  is the photography. More than a passion       admiration for the work of Sophie Ga-
                  it is a real need, I would be unable to do    mand not because she is French like me
                  without it.                                   but for her superb Flower Power series

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