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HI,              the Chow Chow

                                                magazine welcomes Spring

        EDITORIAL                               with a brand new issue,
                                                presenting exciting articles

                                                written by health specialists,

        NO 2, APRIL 2018                        breeders and collaborators.
                                                Together we bring to you all,
        Robert Baurand                          new available information
        Alexandra Bachiri
                                                and knowledge about the

        PUBLISHER AND DESIGN                    Chow chow, in one complete
        Ewa Larsson
                                                magazine and work for a

        CONTACT                 better future of our breed.
                                                Enjoy reading!

                             ON THE COVER                            UPCOMING EDITIONS
                             Dark Shadow de las                      1st  August 2018
                             Colinas Imperiales

                             International Champion,                 1  December 2018
                             Romanian          Champion
                             Hungarian  Show  Champi-                1  April 2019
                             on Champion and Grand
                                                                     Don’t miss out …..

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