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         P                                                   artistic field including photography, I did
               Dear Mrs Bachiri , thank you for taking
                                                             an internship at a professional photogra-
               the time and answering our questions.
                                                             pher where I discovered the commercial
                                                             photography, which was exciting. Unfor-
               Please tell us about yourself. How
                                                             tunately I could not follow this path, life
               did you come about being a dog
                                                             decided otherwise. So I have no training
               photographer and how long have you
                                                             in the photo, besides I know very little
               been doing it?
               My name is Alexandra, I live in Savoie,
                                                             etc... I am a self-taught, I always made
               in a beautiful little village in the Alps,
                                                             my photos to the feeling without worry-
               surrounded by lakes and mountains. I          about  the  technical  side,  the  settings
                                                             ing about settings, I have been interested
               am not a professional photographer but        for that only for a very short time just like
               just a big passionate, I am a breeder of      the photo editing that I did not practice
               Chow Chows under the affix Mighty Dia-        at all before. I gradually discover the ba-
               mond'S, I photograph my dogs for more         sic techniques that allows me to improve
               than 10 years as part of my breeding and      from day to day, now thanks to the inter-
               that's what allowed me to improve myself      net there are many tutorials, groups with
               as a photographer. I watch my dogs all        which it is easy to understand and move
               the time and I would really like to have      forward. I have never retouched my pho-
               a camera instead of eyes to be always         tos before, I discovered photoshop less
               ready to capture all the beautiful mo-        than a year ago and it is a spectacular
               ments they offer me every day. Until now      software with which it is possible to do
               I mainly photographed my dogs and not         almost everything, of course it is impor-
               many other things except maybe during         tant to start on a good base and in priori-
               the holidays. I started to be more interest-  ty to achieve beautiful shots, that is what
               ed in other subjects besides dogs about       remains essential, retouching remains a
               1 year ago after the death of my mother,      plus as a finish. I like to discover and work
               I needed to escape to forget my sadness       the photo editing, I use it as a brush that
               and the photography was very beneficial       paint a canvas, to add a mood, improve
               to me. I also discovered macrography          a background or bring out the colors. I
               that I had never done thanks to one of        really like the color...
               my dear friends, whom I thank in passing.

                                                             What or who got you started
               How did you first enter the                   photographing dogs?
               photography world? Did you have
               formal training? How long have you            As I already said what made me start the
               been a photographer?                          photography of dogs is my own breed-
                                                             ing, in breeding it is necessary to photo-
               It is true that I have always been drawn      graph our dogs and our puppies, it is es-
               to everything that is artistic, drawing,      sential to find families to our babies and
               painting, photography, since my young-        it is a way to immortalize all the moments
               est age. At 16, for my birthday, I received   that we live, the birth of the puppies, the
               my first compact camera, the Canon            love of a dog for its puppies, the feed-
               Power Shot.                                   ings, the eyes of puppies which open to

               When I was younger, I made a lot of pho-      discover the world, the first outings of
               tos with disposable cameras to immor-         babies, the first games, the complicity
               talize all the moments of my youth with       of adults, their joy when it has snowed,
               my friends. I was hoping to study in an       dog shows, all the love they give us ...

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