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Name: Vicki DeGruy

                                                        Country: United States of America

                                                        Business name: DeGruy Photography


           P                                                    Do you consider it a challenging job?
                  Dear Mr/Mrs, thank you for taking the
                                                                How do you get the animals to stay
                  time and answering our questions.
                                                                and “pose” for you?
                  Please tell us about yourself . How
                                                                I don’t find the animals to be all that
                  did you come about being a dog
                                                                difficult.  If you are patient and a good
                  photographer and how long have you
                                                                observer, you can catch those moments
                  been doing it?  (see question 2)

                                                                think the humans are much harder to
                  How did you first enter the
                                                                work with.  They always want to fuss
                  photography world? Did you have               when they are still or stand on alert.  I
                  formal training? How long have you            over things or try to help when they
                  been a photographer?                          should just leave us alone.
                  I remember taking my mother’s camera          What is the best part of being a fine
                  when I was 11 years old and snapping
                  a few pictures with it.  That would have      art photographer? And the most
                  been 1965.  I have had a deep interest        challenging?
                  in photography since then.  I acquired        The best part is making beautiful work
                  my first professional camera in 1978.   I     that people will enjoy for years to come.
                  am self-taught.                               The most challenging is meeting the
                                                                expectations and demands of today’s
                  What or who got you started                   customers.
                  photographing dogs?
                  I began photographing dogs when I be-         Describe a typical session for us.
                  came interested in showing them.              What kinds of things are you thinking
                                                                about when you’re behind the
                  What type of cameras do you shoot             camera?
                  with? Which is your favourite lens and        What am I thinking about?  Well, if I am
                                                                down on the ground, I might be think-
                  I have always used Canon cameras and          ing about how much my knees hurt!  If
                  lenses.   For action photos, I like the 70-   we are working outdoors, I am usually
                  200 mm best.                                  trying to make sure that there is nothing

                                                                distracting behind the dog as well as
                  Where do you find inspiration?                trying to keep the moving dog in sharp
                  Everywhere!  I enjoy making pictures of       focus.  Even moving just a little bit can
                  almost anything!                              disrupt the camera’ focus.

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