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                                                                   The best part is making

               Which breed in your opinion is most                    beautiful work that
               photogenic?                                       people will enjoy for years
               I don’t know that I can answer that                           to come...
               question!  They are all so beautiful!

               Are there other dog photographers
               that inspire or influence you? If not,        of and what it’s limitations are.  There
               who or what does?                             is more to taking a great picture than

               I am always studying the work of other        pushing a button.  And only show the
               photographers in order to improve my          public your best work.
               own work.  There are many good animal
               photographers today.  And I study the         Do you have any pets of your own?
               work of portrait photographers like Felix     And what is your favourite animal?
               Kunz and Sue Bryce as well.  And of
               course, Annie Leibowitz.                      I have 11 Chow Chows, my favorite
                                                             breed.  I have owned Chows for over
                                                             30 years.  I love horses, too!
               Is there any one thing you wish you
               had known or piece of advice you
               would give to an aspiring fine art            Would you like to add something?
               photographer?                                 Thank you for inviting me for this inter-

               Advice: To an aspiring photographer,          view!
               I say practice practice practice.  Learn      On behalf of TheDogMagazine we’d like
               your equipment,  learn what it is capable     to thank you for this wonderful interview.

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